Tornadoes and Straight Line Winds

Tornadoes and high winds can be very hazardous. Getting into a safe location that's indoors in a strong structure and away from windows can be the difference between surviving and getting seriously injured. Tornadoes and high winds may occur without warning, so always have your NOAA weather radio available and sign up for severe weather alerts on your phone, if possible. For more information, check out, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention,  or see our sirens page for information about how sirens work in Lucas County.

Before a tornado hits, identify where you would go to shelter. Check to make sure that your whole household, including pets, can fit in this space and get supplies ready in an emergency kit

Interested in building a safe room? Click here to learn more about the Ohio Safe Room Rebate Program. 

What to do with your pet in a tornado
What to do in a tornado