Policies and Procedures

Lucas County Privacy and Security

The website does collect personal information from site visitors who log into specific applications with access codes. These visitors are fully aware that their information is being submitted to Lucas County for specific purposes. The information that is collected through Lucas County website applications is protected through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and used for internal purposes. Lucas County will only disclose personal identifying information to third parties as required by law, or as necessary to process a form, transaction or order.

Lucas County does not use personal information to send communications to the consumer (other than those directly related to processing an order or responding to a consumer's question) and does not place cookies on a user's computer through the Lucas County website. If at any time you believe that Lucas County is not protecting your privacy, please contact the Lucas County webmaster.

LCIS Policies and Procedures

Acceptable Use Policy (PDF) - Approved 3/3/2022

Access Management Policy (PDF) - Approved 4/7/2022

Data Processing Board Public Records Policy (PDF) - Approved 4/12/2018

Data Security Policy (PDF) - Approved 4/7/2022

Email Retention Policy (PDF) - Approved 3/3/2017

Incident Response Policy (PDF) - Approved 1/10/2022

Internet and Email Use Policy (PDF) - Approved 7/11/2017

IT Policy Governance Policy (PDF) - Approved 4/7/2022

IT Procurement Policy (PDF) - Approved 3/4/2021

Password Management Policy (PDF) - Approved 1/10/2022

Security Awareness Training Policy (PDF) - Approved 1/10/2022

Vulnerability Management Policy (PDF) - Approved 1/10/2022