Lien Searches

If you need a certified title search, we suggest you call one of the local title search companies listed in the phone book. If you are doing the search yourself, this will provide some guidelines as to how our record system is set up.

  • Not all liens are filed in the Recorder’s office and this office is not responsible for errors or omissions that may occur if you are attempting to do the search yourself.
  • Common liens you will find in our office include:
    • Mortgages
    • IRS liens
    • Financing Statements
    • Workers Compensation liens
    • Employment Service liens
    • Mechanics liens
  • Our records are set up by name, so you will need the current owner’s name and the date purchased. If you do not have this information, it is available across the hall in the Real Estate Transfer office with the property address or on AREIS Online.
  • The majority of liens will be found in general index.
    • Information from January 3, 1985 to present is on our General Index
    • Information from 1972 to January 2, 1985 can be found on microfiche
    • Information prior to 1972 will be found in the hand written indexes.
      • There are two mortgage books for each year, one for the mortgagor and one for the mortgagee. Be sure to have the mortgagor index.
  • IRS liens are in a separate index, also alphabetical by last name.
  • Financing Statements (UCCs) are in a separate index alphabetical by debtor’s name. Each index contains one year of records.

You will also want to check with the following offices for additional liens