Important Notice Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact 


The Treasurer's Office has returned to an "appointment only" customer/visitor policy due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Further, visitors to the Government Center must wear face covering, undergo a temperature scan, and maintain proper social distancing.

With that in mind, the Treasurer's Office encourages people to help protect themselves and the community by considering our "no contact" payment options:

  1. Pay Online or by phone at 1.877.690.3729.  A third-party vendor processes online/phone payments for a fee, as low as $1.50 for electronic checks.
  2. By mail (using the return envelope enclosed with your bill).
  3. Drop Box (NW corner of Erie & Jackson Streets).
As always, if you are having trouble paying your real estate taxes please contact us (via email or by calling 419.213.4305) to see which payment option is best for you.  

If you are looking to enter into a payment plan or need to speak with a member of our delinquent tax staff please call 419-213-4055.

Last, all new owner-occupied foreclosure filings will be suspended by Treasurer Webb until further notice.

Tax Due Dates

Effective in calendar year 2020, the semiannual real estate tax due dates will be the last day in January (first half) and the last day in July (second half).

Tax year 2019 (payable in 2020) due dates:
  • First half - Friday January 31, 2020
  • Second half - Friday July 31, 2020


The Lucas County Treasurer is the guardian of the taxpayers’ money and is responsible for the accurate accounting and proper handling of over $625 million each year.

The Lucas County Treasurer serves as the chief investment officer in charge of managing an average daily portfolio of $275 million to $385 million. Much of the money is invested with local financial institutions to ensure maximum benefit to our local economy.