About The Civil Section

Overview of the Civil Section

The Civil Section of the Clerk of Courts files new complaints, issues service of summons, keeps a journal of all pleadings filed in each case, and issues subpoenas to witnesses when the case is ready for trial. Duties also include calculating court costs, paying witnesses, and preparing documents for orders of sale to the Sheriff’s Department.

Judgment Liens, including Ohio sales and personal income tax liens are filed in the Civil Section, along with the execution of proceedings of liens.

The Tax Foreclosure Section handles cases of individuals who have defaulted on their property taxes due the Lucas County Treasurer. The Tax Foreclosure Section is located on the 1st floor of the Courthouse.

The Lucas County Centralized Records Section provides public officials with assistance in complying with Ohio Public Records Laws. The Records Center focuses on the proper storage, preservation, and destruction of government documents. 
As a service to our customers, we offer numerous forms and/or instructions for use in the Civil Section.