Mediation Department Overview

Mission Statement for the Mediation Department

Lucas County Juvenile Court Mediation Department strives to bring parties together with a professional mediator in a safe, neutral setting to facilitate an effective resolution of their court case in an efficient and non-adversarial manner.

We believe that family members and parties involved with the juvenile court hold the key to finding an efficient and lasting resolution of their case through a mediation process that offers respect, understanding and support in a welcoming and safe setting.


Many juvenile court case types are referred to mediation by the Court. A few mediation case types typically referred are: Unruly/Delinquency, Access to Visitation, Truancy Prevention, Adult Contributing to Delinquency, and Domestic Violence cases.

Mediation Annual Report    
2016 Juvenile Court Mediation Case Types Statistics
2015 Juvenile Court Mediation Case Types Statistics
Mediations embrace the principals of Positive Youth Development. The focus is on building relationships and positive role models with the adults in the youth's life and by building the bond between the youth and their community by offering youth enrichment programs in their local community centers.


  • Voluntary participation
  • Efficient scheduling of mediations
  • Safe, welcoming and calm environment
  • Mediator professionalism and neutrality
  • Facilitation of effective communication and family problem solving
  • Community referrals as needed
  • Agreements in the best interest of the children


The Mediation department can be contacted at 419-213-6881.

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