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The Lucas County Emergency Management Agency is responsible for coordinating Lucas County's efforts to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters. We do this by working with local governments, emergency response organizations, local businesses, and volunteer organizations to create plans, conduct training, and secure equipment that enhances emergency response in Lucas County. We also work closely with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency to serve as a bridge between the local and state levels of government for funding, training, and information. 
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The Lucas County Emergency Management Agency (LCEMA) is responsible for creating and maintaining a variety of emergency response plans, such as the Lucas County Emergency Operations Plan and the Hazard Mitigation Plan.LCEMA works with local agencies, as well as regional and state partners to create  table top, functional, and full scale emergency response simulation exercises.  

Want to learn more about emergency preparedness? Contact us at ema@co.lucas.oh.us.

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