Report Public Assistance Fraud

In order to report fraud please call the investigation department of Lucas County Job & Family Services at 419-213-8701 or via the Ohio JFS fraud website. All complaints will remain anonymous.

View Ohio JFS Fraud website

What Happens If An Individual Is Found To Be Guilty Of (Cash) Public Assistance Fraud?

  • The individual and the entire household will not be allowed to receive cash again until the claim (over payment is paid in full) if he or she has been in receipt of TANF (cash) and it has been determined to be an Intentional Program Violation (IPV)
  • Disqualified from the program either via criminal prosecution or administratively

    What Happens If An Individual Is Found To Be Guilty Of Food Stamp Public Assistance Fraud?

    Food stamp disqualifications are applied to the individual only:

    • The first violation is 12 months disqualification
    • The second violation is 24 months of disqualification
    • The third violation is permanent disqualification

    What Happens If An Individual Is Receiving Food Stamps From Two Separate States Simultaneously?

    The individual would be subject to a 10 year disqualification.

    Public Assistance Fraud

    In the accordance with section 5101.83 of the Revised Code “fraudulent assistance” means the assistance and services, including cash assistance provided under the TANF program established under Chapter 5107. of the Revised Code, or the Prevention Retention and Contingency (PRC) program established under Chapter 5108. of the Revised Code, to or on behalf of an assistance group that is provided as a result of fraud by a member of the assistance group, including an intentional violation of the program’s requirements.

    If an individual is found giving misleading information or falsifying a statement, or misrepresentation, concealment, or withholding of facts; or any act intended to mislead, misrepresent, conceal, or withhold facts or propound a falsity when applying for cash assistance through the Lucas County Department of Job and Family Services is considered to be an Intentional Program Violation (IPV).