Assisted Living Waiver

Assisted Living Waiver is for individuals, age 21 and over, who currently receive Medicaid services through PASSPORT Choices, Ohio Home Care Waiver programs, live in a nursing home or residential care facility, and are eligible for the Assisted Living Waiver. The monthly income is capped at $1,809; that is 300% of the Supplemental Security Income federal benefit rate. Additionally, applicants must require assistance with at least two activities of daily living, that cannot be met through scheduled assistance.

Once an individual qualifies for the Assisted Living Waiver, he or she will be placed in a facility certified by the Ohio Department of Aging, and will be able to receive personal, on-site care, 24-hour a day response capability, meals, transportation, social and recreational activities, and nursing.

To learn more about the Assisted Living Waiver program, call the Ohio Department of Aging at:


Or for other information here: Ohio Department of Aging - Assisted Living