Prevention, Retention and Contingency Program

Prevention, Retention and Contingency Benefits

All voucher services are contingent upon availability of funding.
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The PRC Program is designed to provide benefits and services to needy families and low income employed families to help move out of poverty and become self-sufficient. PRC support is short term and is not intended to meet ongoing needs. If eligible for PRC benefits, a voucher is issued for the service.

Who is eligible for PRC?

Families must have a minor child in the home, reside in Lucas County and meet the income guidelines. Pregnant women in their third trimester without other minor children also may be eligible. Some PRC services are also available to non-custodial parents of a minor child who live in Lucas County but in a separate household from the child.

What are the income limits?

The Family’s gross income must be under 200% of the Federal Poverty Limits.
A Family does not need to be receiving other benefits from Lucas County Department of Job & Family Services to apply or be eligible for PRC services.

What type of assistance is available?

View the PRC Plan for 2019-2021 (PDF)
View the PRC Brochure (PDF)
Application for Prevention, Retention and Contingency Benefits (PDF)

Public Health Emergency Assistance - Up to $1,500.00 per household per declared emergency for families

Services to assist with emergent needs as a direct result of a pandemic as declared by the Governor of the State of Ohio.

Assistance Groups (AG) may self-declare when reporting income for eligibility; Applicants must provide documentation of the pandemic impact directly on the AG.

  • Emergency shelter or temporary housing (includes payment of rent, mortgage to prevent eviction)
  • Utility assistance for primary heat source, electric or water service in order to prevent shut off or regain PIPP (Percentage of Income Plan Plus)/Pathway eligibility
  • Personal expenses (includes purchase of necessary household items such as cleaning/sanitizing products, baby care items, additional food, etc.), $750 direct payment to eligible families with lost income due to COVID-19

PUCO asks Utilities to Suspend Disconnections

PUCO took action to ask utilities to suspend disconnection and waive any requirements for reconnections for all types of customers (residential and business). All of the utility companies are following the recommendations however, many are unable to quickly edit their automated billing systems to stop sending disconnection notices. Please note that though a notice may come in the mail, utilities are not following through with disconnections.

Evictions and Lock-outs

The Toledo Municipal Court is suspending all evictions and lock-outs through 5/1/20 due to the COVID-19.

Employment Materials - Up to $500.00 for 12 month cycle

  • Uniforms and footwear
  • Tools/equipment
  • Professional licensure and/or testing fees

Must be necessary for employment and/or required by the employer/training program. Must provide itemized estimate and statement from employer that specifies the number of materials required. For state licenses, board certifications, and/or commercial driver’s licenses. Must complete Ohio approved course and meet all requirements for licensing/certification. Applicant must have verified employment or verified offer of employment (to start within 30 days of application date) of a minimum of 20 hours per week at State minimum wage.

Vehicle Repairs - Up to $1,200.00 for 12 month cycle

Repair costs are limited to the value of the vehicle established by retail value.
  • 2 estimates are required.
  • Applicant must present valid Ohio driver’s license, proof of insurance, and proof of ownership or lease (must be in name for minimum of 90 days).
  • Proof that repair is not covered under warranty.
  • Repairs made to the body of the vehicle are limited to those needed to make the vehicle operable.
  • Vouchers will not be issued for ongoing maintenance requirements of vehicle (oil, air, wipers, filters, tune ups, tire rotation). Tire replacement limited to only flat tires that cannot be repaired.
  • If the repair cost exceeds $1,200, applicant must provide written documentation from the vendor that arrangements have been made for the payment of the balance of the amount due.
  • Repairs are not subject to sales tax. No payment of tax will be made by the applicant or LCDJFS when LCDJFS is paying all or a portion of the bill.

GED Incentive - $375.00

One-time payment of $375 upon completion of G.E.D. (must provide valid certificate).
  • Must apply within 90 days of receiving valid certificate.
  • Must complete W-9 to redeem G.E.D. incentive.

Shelter Assistance - Up to $1,000

One-time assistance of up to $1,000 for payment of one month’s rent or mortgage for TANF-eligible individuals.
  • Families with minor child(ren), pregnant women or non-custodial parents
  • Current Lease Agreement
  • Copy of Subsidized Housing Assistance (HUD/Sections 8, etc.)
  • Written Statement (Itemized statement) must be signed, dated and include a contact number for the landlord. Clearly stating the amount due and the month for which payment is being requested; must be at least 5-day delinquent but no more than two (2) months delinquent
  • Proof of eviction notice (if applicable)

Utility Assistance - Up to $1,000

For primary heat source, electric or water service thirty (30) days delinquent or to prevent shut off or regain PIPP (Percentage of Income Plan Plus) eligibility.
  • Families with minor child(ren), pregnant women in their 3rd trimester
  • Must by employed minimum of 20 hours per week at State Minimum wage
  • Must have secured employment for a minimum of 2 weeks to determine eligibility. Paystub(s) and letter from employer required
  • Documentation from HEAP stating that this resource has been denied
  • Utility Bill clearly stating the amount due (current, past due, or installment services)
  • Proof of Shut-Off Notice or amount needed to restore services (if applicable)
  • If Utilities are paid by the landlord, applicant must provide the signed lease agreement stating that utilities are paid by the landlord
  • Verification of deposit for Utility service connection (if applicable)

All categories have different requirements and verifications needed to complete the application process. A PRC application will need to be completed stating the need and assistance requested. If you have more specific questions on how to apply for the PRC program, contact (419) 213-8800.


Application for Prevention, Retention and Contingency Benefits (PDF)  

Application for Prevention, Retention and Contingency Benefits (Arabic version) (PDF)

Application for Prevention, Retention and Contingency Benefits (Spanish version) (PDF)

To view the income guidelines:
Cash and SNAP Assistance Standards Help Sheet (PDF)