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How can I raise or lower the amount of the existing order?

The amount of your child support may be changed if your case qualifies for a review. The Review and Adjustment process (also known as a review or a modification) is an administrative desk procedure calculated to bring your support charges in line with your current financial situation. A modification will also include assigning medical coverage responsibilities.

A review request can be denied if the order was set less than three years ago and there are no excepting circumstances or if the requester fails to submit any verifications. The Review and Adjustment procedure normally takes several months. The procedure involves putting in a request, sending in verifications of all claims, adhering to the time frames, calculating the actual review per guidelines, notification of the recommendations, an appeals process, and the final order.

If you are interested in applying for a possible review, please contact the Lucas County CSEA at (419) 213-3001.
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How do they determine the amount?

Fact Sheets

Administrative Review and Adjustment Fact Sheet (PDF)
Spanish Administrative Review and Adjustment Fact Sheet (PDF)


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