About Contracted Services

Contracted Services with LCDJFS

LCDJFS enters into contracts with multiple community partners each year in order to efficiently and effectively deliver client services the Agency is unable to provide alone. Contracted services include programs such as the following:

  • Work Experience Program (WEP) site development & client participation services – clients assigned to WEP develop valuable on-the-job skills, productive work practices and needed experience to be successful in gaining employment
  • Youth Services – includes teen pregnancy prevention programs and kinship navigator services
  • Adult Protective Services – includes services such as legal aid and homecare assistance
  • Transportation – includes transportation services for clients to medical appointments

The LCDJFS process of awarding contracts includes a number of rigorous steps to ensure free and open competition as well as a fair and equitable review process. The process begins with the release of a competitive bid, generally in the form of a Request for Proposals (RFP), a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) or a Request for Letterhead Bids (RLB). These are published in area newspapers and on the Lucas County Website. The bid documents outline each requirement of the proposal and may be general or specific as to the services that LCDJFS is seeking from community organizations. This document also includes the necessary forms to be completed and timeframes to be adhered to in order for a proposal to be considered by the Agency.

Upon review and scoring completion, LCDJFS selects proposals and enters into contract negotiations with each selected organization. If both parties can reach an agreement as to the specific services to be provided and dollars to be allocated, the contract is awarded for the upcoming Fiscal Year. As a condition of the contracts, both programmatic and fiscal monitoring occurs at the contracted organizations’ facilities throughout the year. Monitoring of the contracts provides LCDJFS with assurance that services the Agency is purchasing are being appropriately offered to LCDJFS clients and also serves to ensure that the federal dollars allocated to each are properly utilized. In conjunction with the monitoring, technical assistance is provided to assist community partners in complying with contract requirements and federal and state laws.

For a general list of allowable and unallowable costs, please refer to the OMB Omni-Circular 2 CFR Part 200 Subpart E – Cost Principles (link below). In addition to this, all costs submitted for reimbursement must be in compliance with any other applicable federal & state laws and regulations, as well as local county policies and policies from the community partner agency.

OMB Omni-Circular 2 CFR Part 200

FFY23 LCDJFS Contracted Social Services (PDF)