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1. Where is the Court of Appeals Section of Clerk of Courts located?
2. What do I need to file an appeal on my case?
3. Does your office have forms for filing an appeal?
4. What is a Praecipe and Docketing Statement?
5. Do I need an attorney to file an appeal?
6. How many days do I have to file an appeal on my case?
7. Where do I file my appeal?
8. How many copies of the appeal must I provide your office?
9. When filing a brief with the court, how many copies do I need to provide your office?
10. May I see a brief from a previously filed case so that I can format mine correctly?
11. May I fax file a brief with your office?
12. May I file a motion on my case by fax?
13. If I fax the motion, do I need to send the original to you via U.S. Mail?
14. What is our fax number for the Appellate section?