How do communities benefit from autopsies?

?Increasing knowledge about the cause and course of an illness and the effects of different types of treatment.
?Disclosing evidence of environmental hazards.
?Explaining the causes of injuries in accidents involving automobiles, falls, or other situations that could prevent further harm to the public.
?Helping to establish the cause and manner of death.
?Discovering trends when patterns of death emerge.

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1. What is the role of the Coroner's Office?
2. What is a Forensic Autopsy?
3. When is an Autopsy performed?
4. How do families benefit from autopsies?
5. Is there a charge for an autopsy?
6. Does the Coroner need permission from the next-of-kin for an autopsy?
7. How long does it take for a death ruling to be made?
8. How can a Funeral Director be selected?
9. Are there religious conflicts?
10. Where may property of the deceased be located?
11. When will the autopsy report be completed?
12. How can the Coroner's records be obtained?
13. How do communities benefit from autopsies?
14. Will an autopsy affect funeral arrangements?