How is paternity established?
Not all states establish paternity the same way but, in general, there are two ways in which paternity can be established:
  • If the man you name as the father of your child agrees he is the father, he will be asked to sign an official form stating he is the father. In many hospitals and clinics, these forms are available to parents immediately following the birth of their child. This form will be used by a judge or a hearing officer to legally establish paternity. In many states, you do not have to appear in court to establish your child’s paternity.
  • If the man you name as the father of your child denies being the father, or if you are unsure of who the father is, blood/genetic tests can be done.

    Usually a father will admit paternity when results of blood tests show he is the biological father of a child. If the father continues to believe he is not the father, he is entitled to a court hearing on the matter. At the hearing, a judge listens to both sides and looks at the test results.

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