The Lucas County Canine Care & Control Department will:
  • Strive to license all dogs over three months of age in Lucas County and to see that licensed dogs always wear their current tags.
  • Attempt to return all loose roaming dogs to responsible owners and educate those owners in their responsibilities and methods of compliance with their unique pets to prevent future problems.
  • Treat people with whom we come in contact with respect and consideration; understanding that to some a pet is like a family member and its loss can be very painful and emotional.
  • Treat all impounded animals humanely and kindly as it is their owners’ neglect, ignorance, or the product of a poor match of personalities that brought them to the pound.
  • Be professional in our dealings with the public and be respectful of their rights and concerns.
  • Strive to adopt all unclaimed adoptable dogs out to caring, committed, responsible families. For their protection, we will make every attempt to make available for adoption only dogs that are of stable temperament and safe around people and to match the owner to the dog to create a lasting friendship between owner and dog.
  • In the event that an impounded dog is unsafe around people or unsound in health, or for some reason not adoptable, make a decision with wisdom, training, and compassion, to humanely euthanize the animal and accept the fact that this must happen to some.