Mission / Vision

Mission Statement

Lucas County Treasurer Lindsay M. Webb, by and through quality management and staff, will strive to:

  • Inspire taxpayer trust in the operation of the Treasurer’s Office
  • Collect taxes and disburse all revenues in a timely, equitable, efficient, and responsible fashion
  • Identify and remove all barriers to service experienced by those who use and interface with the Lucas County Treasurer’s Office
  • Develop innovative and progressive programs to aid in the increased collection of taxes
  • Invest County funds in compliance with all federal and state laws, and in a manner that seeks to ensure the preservation of capital, to maintain sufficient liquidity to meet all current obligations of the County, and to attain or exceed a market rate of return throughout budgetary and economic cycles
  • Establish community partnerships to increase public awareness and improve utilization of services
  • Establish community-wide financial education programs to improve the financial health of the residents of Lucas County, and as a result, increase the revenue of Lucas County


The Lucas County Treasurer’s Office is dedicated to serving the public by providing citizens with accurate, timely information regarding personal property, mobile home, and real estate taxes.

The Office is committed to finding better ways to serve the public, and as such, will pursue new programs and progressive reforms that will assist both taxpayers and community entities that rely on tax revenues for support.

Operating in an efficient manner through a competent and friendly staff, the Lucas County Treasurer will act professionally and responsibly in the collection, processing, investment, and disbursement of all revenues received by Lucas County.