ERP Modernization Project


The Steering Committee has made some exciting progress in the past few months…

Sierra Cedar has been selected as the Implementation Vendor

After extensive research, vendor demos, interviews and discovery session the Steering Committee has recommended Sierra Cedar has our implementation partner for the Oracle Cloud Solution.  The Executive Sponsors approved and the Board of County Commissioners passed resolution 2018-1028 at the December 4, 2018 meeting to negotiate a contract with Sierra Cedar to serve as the implementer.


Sierra-Cedar is distinguished as a leading provider of Oracle Application services for government, public utility, and education clients. They are an Oracle Platinum Partner and provide advanced tools and methodologies to facilitate efficient and high-quality Oracle software implementations with a focus on knowledge transfer. They have successfully delivered more than 2,000 Oracle application projects. Some of their recent clients include the following counties: Ramsey County (MN); Douglas County (NE); King County (WA); Larimer County (CO); Broomfield County (CO); Broward County (FL); Palm Beach County (FL); Salt Lake County (UT); and Yuma County (AZ).

Project Identity

Our Lucas County Oracle Cloud Implementation Project has a new identity!  Going forward we’ll refer to the project as AMP – Applications Modernization Project. When you hear this acronym in the future you’ll know they’re talking about our Oracle Cloud Project.

timeline dec 18

Process Improvement Teams (PIT) 

The PIT teams are tasked with identifying process improvements that can be implemented during the migration to Oracle Cloud. The PIT teams are meeting regularly to compile current reporting documents and needs that can be implemented with the new system. The PIT team leads are meeting weekly with the Project Manager, Pavan Pasam, to review progress and updates.

What’s Next?

Negotiations are underway with Sierra Cedar to finalize the implementation contract. These should be completed by January 31, 2019. Sierra Cedar onboarding will begin and as quickly as possible after the final contract is approved.

Comments or Questions

We’re very interested in your comments or questions about the new ERP implementation process. Please reach out to Lucas County AMP Project Manager, Pavan Pasam, at any time via email at .

Your ERP Team

The ERP Steering Committee members were appointed by resolution in July 2004 to provide oversight, guidance, vision and continued support for Lucas County’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System. After recommendation by The Steering Committee and Executive Sponsors, the County Commissioners passed Resolution #18-746 on 8/28/18 to include the Payroll Director as a member of the ERP Steering Committee.
ERP Executive Sponsors:

Lucas County Board of Commissioners
Lucas County Auditor
Lucas County Treasurer

AMP Project Steering Committee Members: 

Chief Deputy Administrator
Chief Deputy Auditor 
Chief Deputy Treasurer 
    or their designees.