Employer Sponsored Small Dollar Loans (ESSDL)

The ESSDL is based on the hypothesis that if employees have access to affordable small dollar emergency loans at the job site, then they will be able to deal with emergencies quickly, reducing impact to employer’s bottom-line and saving money because they are able to avoid predatory financial services.

ESSDL was established as a national research project led by the Filene Research Institute. Filene is a think tank committed to exploring issues vital to consumer finance and the future of credit unions.

In 2014, six credit unions and 10 employer partners located in Lucas County committed to offering the new ESSDL program to employees in financial crisis. Since embedding ESSDL programs with the Toledo-Lucas County Employer Resource Network of eight providers of services to individuals with developmental disabilities in the third quarter of 2016, more than 153 individuals across the county have been approved for ESSDL loans totaling more than $100,000 in affordable loans and over $15,000 in employee savings accounts.