Request for Excuse

Submit Request Online: Jury Duty Portal

You will need your Bar Code number and date of birth to access the online screen. Please verify your current summons date that is located in the upper right hand corner with the date on your summons you received in the mail. See the Excuse tab to see if any documentation is required. Once your request is determined by the Judge you will receive a postcard in the mail at your address.

NOTE: Excuses may be granted for the following reasons, but must be supported by facts and/or appropriate documentation as outlined below:

(1) The juror has a medical or mental condition that prevents their service.
NOTE: A statement from your physician on their letterhead must be submitted detailing why you are unable to serve.

(2) The juror has moved from Lucas County. NOTE: Please provide current address.

(3) The juror was convicted of a felony AND is currently on community control or probation.
NOTE: Provide your probation officer's name.

(4) The juror is 75 years of age or over.
NOTE: No medical statement is needed. If you would like this excuse to be permanent, please indicate such.

(5) Jury service will cause an extreme financial hardship.
NOTE: To demonstrate hardship, please include the following: A letter from the employer stating you will not be paid while on jury service; A letter from yourself explaining why jury service is a hardship.

(6) The juror is the caregiver for an ill or disabled family member. 

(7) The juror is a stay-at-home parent during the day AND their children are not school-aged. You must submit a letter stating you are a stay-at-home parent and the ages of your children.

(8) The juror is a student.  NOTE: Please submit a copy of your class schedule.