Health Coaches

What can a Health Coach do for YOU?

Participation in the Wellness program includes the development of a reasonable plan to achieve your health goals. To assist you in achieving these goals, Lucas County has provided health coaches. A health coach is not a personal trainer but will meet with you to conduct an assessment of your health status. Health coaches provide motivation and support to achieve personal goals. They will help you identify goals and set up a realistic means of achieving these goals.

The health coaches are graduate students, studying Public Health at The University of Toledo.

 The health coaches are available Monday-Friday, 8am - 4pm for any questions you may have regarding the Wellness Program or your health. Contact the health coaches at 419-213-2088/2089 or email us.

Walk-Ins are always welcome at the health coaches' office. The health coach office is located in Suite 440 at One Government Center. Health related pamphlets and educational materials are available, as well.