Pretrial Services

COVID-19 Response 3/18/2020
Pretrial bond supervision clients (Supervised and Monitored Own Recognizance bond) must report by calling the Pretrial Reporting Desk at 419-213-6011 during business hours.

Pretrial Booking Officers are present in the Lucas County Corrections Center 24 hours per day to interview and make release eligibility recommendations and determinations using a risk-based assessment tool on persons booked on traffic, misdemeanor, and felony charges.

Pretrial Supervision Officers monitor and report to the court on individuals released on qualifying bonds. Supervision services include not only the tracking of defendants’ court dates, court date reminders, and monitoring the defendants for compliance with the court’s orders relative to release  but also referral to substance abuse intervention services, community based mental health agencies, urinalysis testing, prohibitions against defendant contact with the victims of offenses, etc. Defendants are also monitored for new criminal activity while in pretrial status.

Map To Lucas County Pretrial-Presentence Department