Access Management

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The sample templates placed on this website by the Lucas County Engineer's Office are intended to aid individuals, their attorneys, and their surveyors in preparing documents that may be required by the County in various situations. While the forms have been prepared to comply with the requirements generally imposed by the County's Access Management Regulations, additions and/or alterations in some situations may be necessary given the particular circumstances in each case. Additionally, these documents are provided for the reference of the drafter and the County recommends that all documents be prepared or reviewed by an attorney. The County expressly disclaims any liability for the use of the sample templates and expressly states that no express or implied warranty is made as to the effectiveness, validity or suitability of the language for their use in any particular situation. As always, the drafting lawyer is responsible for making all necessary modifications and to assure compliance with all applicable laws.

Lucas County and Access Management

LCEO Access Management System Map
Why Access Management and Safe Access is Important and Good for Business

LCEO Access Management Regulations Manual, eff. July 2018

LCEO Access Management Fee Schedule