Permits & Applications

All permits and applications listed below are to be used for the unincorporated areas of the County (Townships). All permit and application forms listed below can be filled out on your computer. Print the permit or application once you have filled it out, sign and return it to the appropriate department of the Engineer's Office by fax or mail. Please note that permit forms that are filled out and returned to the Engineer's Office are not officially considered a permit until a permit number has been assigned to it and the Recommended By has been filled in and signed by the Lucas County Engineer's Office.


The following links of email addresses can be used to facilitate necessary services and submission of permits through the Lucas County Engineer’s Office.

Please include address and permit application type in the subject line of your email.

E-mail: Access, Connect, Enclose, General & Site Grading

E-mail: Developments/Site Plans

E-mail: Special Hauling

E-mail: Floodplain


E-mail: Tax Map


LCEO Fee Schedule (PDF)


Any fees associated with your permit application can be made through the
Make-A-Payment section of our website. Please click the link below for instruction. 
You can provide a copy of the receipt with your permit as verification of payment.


Permit Flyer (PDF) - A list of permits


General Permit (PDF) - This permit is for any work being done within the road right-of-way where other permits do not apply.


Permission to Connect (PDF) - This permit is for permission to connect to roadside existing storm sewers.

Permission to Curb Cut (PDF) - This permit is for permission to modify the existing curb for your proposed driveway.

Permission to Enclose (PDF) - This permit is for permission to enclose a ditch or swale with drive access with a storm sewer. (You must have an access permit first before this permit can be issued).

Permission to Enclose Instructions (PDF)

Flood Hazard Development Permit (PDF) - This permit is for permission to develop in the Flood Hazard Area (Floodplain)

Sidewalk and Grading Permit (PDF) - This permit is for permission to begin any earth moving activity inside of a platted subdivision.

Grading and Drainage Permit (PDF) - This permit is for permission to begin any earth moving activity outside of a platted subdivision.

Sidewalk, Grading and Drainage Permit Submittal Instructions (PDF)

Traffic and Planning

Access Permit Application (PDF) - This permit is required for access to County and Township roads in accordance with the current access management regulations. These regulations apply to new developments, significant changes to or use of existing development, and lot splits or minor subdivisions of any parcel or property.

Access Appeal Application (PDF) - All applications for appeals or variances of the Lucas County Access Management Regulations shall be made on the form provided by the Board of the Lucas County Commissioners.

Bridges and Culverts

Special Hauling Permit (PDF) - This permit is for permission for special hauling of loads over state legal loads or posted weight limits.

Additional Information

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Lucas County Engineer's Current Permit Log

The following web page is the current log of permits authorized by the Lucas County Engineer's Office:

2022 Permit Log (PDF)