The Record's personnel maintain all County Engineer records, including right-of-way, paving, storm, water, and sanitary sewer plans initiated by other agencies, both public and private in the unincorporated areas of Lucas County.

Maps/Plans Available for Purchase

The Engineer’s Office has various street maps, subdivision survey plats, drawings, and drainage maps available for purchase in the unincorporated areas of Lucas County.

All other mapping and record information is available only for the areas of Lucas County that are outside the Cities and Villages, including the eleven Townships.

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County Atlas Highway Map Pricing

The County Atlas and Folded maps are for the metropolitan area including all Cities, Townships and Villages. One is available to each citizen at no charge. Each map requested after the first, you will be charged $2. Shipping will be approximately $1.50 for the first map. For any additional maps, the cost will go up based on weight.

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