Car Repair Checklist - $1,200 Maximum

Verifications Required to Process Your Application:

    _____ You must be working 20 hours a week at minimum wage

    _____ You must have a minor child in the home

    _____ The title must have been in your name for at least 90 days

    _____ The car must be the only one in the household

    _____ Repairs cannot be covered by vehicle warranty

    _____ Repairs must be mechanical in nature

    _____ Two written estimates if car is in running condition or

    _____ One written estimate with proof of tow

    _____ Repair cost exceeds the $500 maximum, you must show written
    documentation from the vendor that arrangements have been
    made for the balance

    _____ No sales tax

    _____ Statement from the repair shop that states:
      - they will accept a voucher and
      - will offer at least a 30 day warranty
      - no sales tax
    _____ Title

    _____ Current registration

    _____ Proof of liability insurance

    _____ Driver’s license

    _____ Social Security numbers for household

    _____ Verification of income for the last 30 days