Snow Emergency


Heavy snow, ice, and blizzard conditions can occur in our region. Deep, blowing or drifted snow makes traveling hazardous. Heavy snow and ice can damage utilities and some flat roof structures. People are injured when attempting to shovel heavy snow or slipping on ice.

Snow Emergency Levels
Level I - Conditions are hazardous. Drive with caution.
Level II - Essential Travel Only.
Level III - Emergency Vehicles Only.
For details on Snow Emergencies see the Lucas County Sheriff's webpage.

Be Prepared

Be alert for Winter Storm Watches and Warnings. Stock up on essential items including foods, infant supplies and medicines before conditions become hazardous. Make sure that you have an emergency kit in your car and keep fuel levels at least half full. Always dress or carry winter clothing in the event that you become stranded.


For information on how to be prepared for Winter extremes, visit Are You Ready .