Victim / Witness Assistance

Main Office

Located in the Common Pleas Courthouse, this office:
  • Assists victims in ten felony courtrooms
  • Informs victims of their rights
  • Provides employer intervention
  • Escorts victims to court proceedings while instructing them on procedure and decorum
  • Provides crisis counseling and referrals for long-term counseling
  • Notifies of court dates, continuances, motions for early release, and parole hearings
  • Assists in filing compensation under the Ohio Crime Victims Compensation Programs
Ph: (419) 213-4591

24 Hour Crisis Response Team

This program, based in the Northwest Police Station, provides services to victims 24 hours a day. Our crisis responders are called by first line responders (Police, EMT, etc.) and are available to come to the scene to aid and assist victims.

The responders provide short term crisis intervention along with follow-up referrals. They are trained to educate victims about options and resources available and encourage participation in the criminal justice system.

Ph: (419) 245-3324