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Most (but not all) felony cases originate with preliminary hearings  in municipal court. First officers arrest suspects on felony charges.  After an arrest, a suspect is entitled to appear before a judge or  magistrate within 48 hours. This is called an arraignment. At the  arraignment, the prosecutor, with law enforcement, will make a bond  recommendation to the judge. If the defendant is held in custody the  prosecution must hold a preliminary hearing within 10 days of the  defendant's arrest. Within the ten days, the prosecutor must: hold a  preliminary hearing, and prove to the court at a burden level of  probable cause that the defendant committed the alleged offense; plead  the case to a misdemeanor; send the case to the Grand Jury; or dismiss  the charges.

If a preliminary hearing is held and the Judge  rules that probable cause exists, the complaint is bound over to the  Lucas County Court of Common Pleas General Division Grand Jury for possible indictment. If probable cause does not exist the defendant is  discharged and the case is dismissed. 

Lucas County Prosecutors Office Preliminary Hearings

Preliminary Hearings

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