What the Ombudsman Can Do For You

  1. The Ombudsman will listen to your concerns. 
  2. If there is a valid issue that you were unable to resolve with Lucas County Children Services there will be an independent and thorough review. 
  3. After completing the review, the Ombudsman will make recommendations for resolution of the complaint to the county agency. 
What the Ombudsman Cannot Do For You

  • The Ombudsman does not have the authority to overturn or change the agency's decision or to change the rules, policies, or procedures. 
  • The Ombudsman will work with you and the agency to resolve your concerns and to make the recommendations based upon the findings of the investigation. 
  • If you are involved in an administrative appeal, or if your case is involved in court hearings, the Ombudsman does not have the ability to change the rules of a hearing officer or a court order.