Request to Reschedule

If you are unable to report on your scheduled dates, please call the jury office at 419-213-4740 to reschedule your service at least two business days prior to your current scheduled dates of service.
· Your jury duty may be rescheduled only one time.

· When calling the Jury office to reschedule, you must choose a specific date for rescheduling. Check your personal and work calendar when selecting your date.

· Remember when selecting your dates it will be for a Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday. Unless the court holiday lands on a Monday for those weeks, then your dates will be Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday/Friday.

· Extreme emergencies will also be considered.

Please call the Jury Office @ 419-213-4740.

If you are a Grand Juror, please refer to the Grand Jury portion for rescheduling service.