Davis Besse

Where is the Davis Besse Nuclear Power Station?

The Davis Besse Nuclear Power Station is located in Ottawa County, Ohio. The ten mile federally mandated emergency exposure planning zone, often referred to as the “10 mile EPZ”, includes part of Jerusalem Township within Lucas County. Magee Marsh is also within the 10 mile EPZ, and may be closed if necessary during an emergency at the plant.

What do I need to know about Davis Besse?

It is extremely unlikely that an emergency at Davis Besse will impact the public. If there is an emergency at Davis-Besse that results in the public needing to take action, you will be notified via sirens within Jerusalem Township, and you will also receive an Emergency Alert System message telling you where to get more information.

It is possible that an emergency at Davis-Besse would require either sheltering in place or evacuating. For information on how to be ready to either shelter in place or evacuate, check out our page about personal preparedness. 

Want more information? 

Check out our emergency preparedness brochure, or contact us at ema@co.lucas.oh.us.