Goal of the Court


The goal of the Juvenile Division is to effectively, efficiently, and equitably administer justice in all matters brought before it.

Due process, responsible administration of the law, humane consideration, and social awareness are imperative.

The reasonable and responsible balance of society's just demands and the individual's rights are implicit.

Fulfilling the Goal

Simply put, the goal of the Court is to ensure that the children and people who come before it receive the kind of care, protection, guidance, and treatment that will serve the best interest of the community and the best welfare of the child.

The judges and administrative staff have concern not only for resolving cases in court but also for improving family life, personal relationships, and education and social services for families with the community.

With this in mind the Juvenile Division proceeds with the confidence to achieve its goals, realizing that it is not within human power to achieve total success, but nonetheless committed to its ideal.